Decoding You 

Explore Your Emotions. Return to Wholeness. 

A proven method to reclaim your emotional sovereignty and bring greater harmony, balance and ease into your body and life. 


Right now, many of us are experiencing unprecedented levels of overwhelm, imbalance and emotional dysregulation. This impacts us every day and within every area of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 


With Decoding You, you’ll learn how to navigate your emotional landscape and access a deep sense of wholeness that’s always available to you. This is a 7-part Somatic Therapy journey to translate the language of your emotions, shine light on the mind-body connection and help you regain an embodied sense flow in your relationships, work and life. 



We are emotional beings. 

And most of us were never taught how to be in a conscious relationship with our emotions. For most women, emotions are those inconvenient things we resent because they interrupt our work and relationships. When difficult emotions arise, they swallow us up and take over our lives— impacting not only us but everyone we encounter and those we love. 

It might feel like we’re victims of our emotions, but we actually have a choice.

Emotions are a love language from our body + mind. 

Learning to decode and speak this language has the capacity to change your life forever. 


What You'll Learn in Decoding You


  • Unpacking Emotions (what they are + how they’re processed in the brain) 
  • Embracing + Embodying Emotions (the good, the challenging, the difficult) using simple and effective tools
  • Releasing + Healing through Feeling using Somatic Therapy Practices 
  • Expanding Your Capacity to hold all thoughts, feelings + emotions with self-soothing tools
  • Communicating Your Emotions effectively within your relationships 
  • Working With Your Cycle + Cyclical Emotions that arise throughout the month
  • Synergistic Somatic Therapy Techniques, Mindfulness + Meditation practices for healing, growing and embodiment 

Throughout this journey, you’ll learn how to feel your way through life, embrace the expression of your emotions, tune into your intuition and develop a deep trust in the process of becoming whole.


"it’s not enough to just say ‘i let go’ once + expect ourselves to ACTUALLY let go.
i’m forever grateful to Phoebe her somatic therapy course was one of the best things i did for my soul journey + soul care.
i’ve now got a bigger bag of soul tools to deal with the low waves that life naturally throws at us.
it’s not something i’ve spoken about.
i’ve been meaning to shout from the roof tops about how amazing somatic therapy + how incredible Phoebe is
although i do share a lot online, there is also a huge amount i don’t.

- Caroline

Summary of Lessons

“Your emotions are not the enemy. In fact, once you understand them and regain harmony with their cycles, they’ll become your ally for healing, growth and transformation. You’ll discover that emotions are incredible messengers from deep within your body that have important wisdom to share with you. All you need to do is learn to listen.”

- Phoebe 

Who Will Benefit From Decoding You


This program is for women who want to reclaim their emotional sovereignty through self-healing and develop true emotional intelligence. They want to feel whole in their body and mind, while equipping themselves with life-long tools for emotional transformation. 


This program might be for you if: 

You feel unstable in your emotions

You’re unable to hold it together during arguments or heated moments 

You feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed and have no idea why 

You’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to therapy or a helpful addition 

You have stored energy in your body and are looking for a simple and effective way to release it 

Your monthly cycles and their symptoms can feel debilitating and take over your life

You’re living a stressful life and juggling a lot of responsibilities, so you need an outlet to clear emotional build-up

You want to begin a life-long journey of loving, healing and understanding your body 


Hi, I’m Phoebe Greenacre 


Until I learned the tools that I share in this program, my emotions would always get the better of me, my world and my relationships. As an empath and someone who is naturally more sensitive (I feel ALL the feels), my emotions would swallow me up and I’d either shut down or freak out. Although I had a dedicated yoga practice, ate healthy foods and took care of myself, it wasn’t until I found Somatic Therapy that I finally understood the mystery of my emotions. 


Learning to decode my emotions felt like I had unlocked a true superpower. I was no longer fighting against myself but easing into a natural flow and rhythm that supported my productivity, relationships, energy levels and passion for life. 


For close to a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to these teachings and am passionate about sharing them with women around the world. My approach to healing through the mind-body connection includes yoga, mindfulness, somatic psychology, somatic therapy and more. Along with Decoding You, I’m also the creator of The Self Care Space and a Business Mentor to Conscious CEOs


I believe that once you reclaim your natural mind-body harmony, anything that you desire becomes possible. 


My Qualifications

Somatic Movement Therapy

200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

300HR Embodied Flow Teacher

50HR Yin Yoga

50HR Pregnancy Yoga

"I can’t thank you enough for this program. You have been an angel sent from the universe and I’m so glad I followed my intuition to do Decoding You. It has been one of the most transformative weeks of my life. Even though it’s online - the energy, connection and vibrations have still been felt so deeply, intensely and beautifully. I can’t wait to dive deeper into all the tools you have taught us. Thank you "

- Caroline

"I just wanted to thank you for holding such a nurturing space. It has been an enlightening journey and I'm going to revisit the sessions and workbooks once I have left my 9-5 job too as I'm sure that all sorts of emotions will come up in this transition period for me.The session on our cycle was invaluable and I've already started my seasonal play lists. Thank you again Phoebe for all your help on my healing journey."

- Carina


Dates + Times
Monday 5th - 8am - 9am BST
Tuesday 6th - 8am - 9am BST
Wednesday 7th - 8am - 9am BST
Thursday 8th - 8am - 9am BST
Friday 9th - 8am - 9am BST
Saturday 10th - 9am -10am BST
Sunday 11th - 9am -10am BST

All sessions will be recorded and add to the course platform with 12 months access.

Decoding You

£333.00 GBP
Decoding You

3 x Payments of £111