A 7 part deep dive somatic therapy journey to de-coding your emotions, healing through feeling + returning back to the wholeness of your body.

Together we will explore potent and intimate pathways to understanding your emotions, de-code how your body + mind are interconnected so that you feel more in control of your life, your relationships and your direction in this world.


"Before I studied Somatic therapy, I let my emotions get the better of me, my world and my relationships. I felt like they would swallow me up whole and I had no way to communicate how I was feeling. Now I have the tools to embody my emotions, understand why they appear and have more capacity when shit gets real." - Phoebe


Right now as a COLLECTIVE we need this more than ever


 During "DECODING YOU" we will cover:

* De-coding Emotions (what are emotions, moods vs emotions, the main types of emotions)

* Embracing + Embodying Emotions (the good, the challenging, the difficult)

* Releasing + Healing through Feeling

* Expanding your capacity to hold thoughts, feelings + emotions

* Guidance to communicating your emotions in your relationships

* Tapping into your inner Monthly Cycle +  Emotions + how to work with (and not against) your cycle

* Feeling your way through life. Embracing the feminine. Tuning into your intuition. Trusting the process.

* A synergy of Somatic Therapy techniques, Mindfulness and Mediation codes for healing.

Save the dates:
Monday 13th - Sunday 19th September,

8am- 9am Daily, BST. All sessions will be recorded.


You will learn to:


Increase awareness and attention to YOUR inner sensations and emotions


Establish clarity and efficiency when emotions enter and move around the body


Unpack and process emotions in a way that promotes resiliency and expands your capacity to hold more space for them


Cultivate a deeper connection to YOU, your body, your desires + your needs

Let go of conditioning and shame around expressing YOUR emotions


Have more compassion for yourself and others


Feel more confident in your ability to self regulate your nervous system and emotions

You're invited into this sacred space

Do you feel like your emotions take over your body?

Do you slam the door and walk out of an argument?

Do you feel sad or anxious and have no idea where it is coming from?

Do you let your monthly period symptoms take over your life?


Are you brave enough to give yourself permission to deprogram what you have been taught about emotions? 


Are you ready to step into this healing container to equip yourself with tools + codes to help you embody your emotions?


Are you ready to lift the veil on what is holding you back on feeling whole again?




Phoebe Greenacre is a certified Somatic Movement Therapist and approached healing through the mind-body connection, mindfulness and yoga to help her clients re-connect to their inner wisdom. She began her yoga teaching journey at Yoga London in 2014, completing her 200-hour teacher training in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, followed by an additional 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training with the Embodied Flow School of Yoga.

Inspired by the power of applied Somatic Psychology to restore body, mind and spirit, Phoebe then completed a 200-hour Somatic Movement Therapy course under the guidance of Dr Scott Lyons and Myra Avedon.

In her previous life, she completed a Bachelor of International Business and Japanese. After 10 years in the corporate marketing world and feeling totally burnt out, Phoebe followed her intuition to a more holistic career in wellness.


"I never knew the importance of someone “holding space” for you until I had a session with Phoebe. Before the session I felt dark and heavy but at the end I felt light and positive. She is a truly beautiful soul and I would recommend her healing to anyone. So grateful to have connected with you, thank you Phoebe!"