One thing that I love doing with my clients and with me personally, is planning my year around growth and development.


I use a roadmap that covers all of the different areas in my life – health, wealth, business, relationships etc This roadmap plan has helped me to be focused, structured and it’s this exact formula that keeps performing year after year.

This was not always the way. In my 20’s, I spent years doing the same thing. I worked 9-5, went to yoga before work, cooked, cleaned, and met up with friends after work and partied all the way from Friday through Sunday. Did I have fun? Yes. Did it feel like a bit of a ground hog day? Yes. Did I manifest the partner of my dreams? No. Did I create a business that was successful? No. Did I allocate savings to do courses and up-skill? Did I save enough to move to a different country?No.

If I think about it, I spent nearly 10 years going round in circles – no wonder I never got anywhere and ended up selling all my things and bought a one way ticket to London.

Since landing in London (8 years ago), I have planned and prioritised my personal, emotional, spiritual and entrepreneurial growth. I have said no to partying and said yes to investing in creating my dream life. I have spent more than £25,000+ on my emotional healing and re-trained as a yoga teacher, business coach and somatic therapist. Sounds like a lot of money right? When you stop buying clothes, spending £200+ a weekend of booze and food, it all adds up! I also co-created Silou activewear brand which saw international success in Selfridges, Equinox and has been featured in Vogue, Telegraph and more etc. So I know a few tips when it comes to creating and planning big things.

So let me ask you – what is it that you want to call into your life? What actions or commitment have you made towards making that goal a reality? Do you need help to plan some magic in your life?


It’s easy to say – I want to leave my job + start my own business. Or I want to put myself first this year and invest in my mental health + self care. Or I want to get a gym membership and feel the best I have ever felt.

We can write down goals – but if we don’t put actionable tasks behind these goals, they are just words written on a piece of paper.

We can spend years and years doing the same thing, but expecting a different result. Which is madness right! Why haven’t I got that promotion? Why haven’t I found that partner? Why haven’t I saved enough to take that trip I’ve been dreaming about? Why haven’t I quit my job and started my own business or side hustle? 

What You'll Learn in this Workshop


Throughout this journey, you’ll learn how to lean into your dreams and desires, get clear on your passions, tune into your intuition and develop a deep trust in the process of becoming more excited for your life. My yearly blueprint formula has helped me:

Quit my 9-5
– Switch careers
– Leave a relationship that wasn’t serving me
– Called in my husband
– Moved abroad from Australia to London to Kenya + now in Bali
– Created multiple income streams

What changes things is having an actual plan that is broken down into baby steps. Baby steps that go slow, but consistently in the right direction.


What's Included:

2 Hour Recorded Workshop
- 55 Page Workbook
- Action plan for 2023
- Manifestation Meditation

- Monthly + Yearly Planner
- 1 year access to the Workshop Recording

More than 500+ women have completed this workshop and it gave them the courage to take some pretty big life decisions. 


I’ve been a dreamer and hustler since I was 13 when I eagerly saved up enough money to travel to Japan on a school trip. What I didn’t know then is that I was cultivating the grit, commitment and passion necessary for eventually building a location-independent business for myself several decades later. 

Although I consider myself a laid-back Aussie beach girl at heart, I’ve been in the worlds of business, startups and entrepreneurship for my entire working life. My first real job out of university was being the Executive Assistant to the Founder + CEO of a fast-growing makeup startup (a true Devil Wears Prada experience). 

In my 20s, I worked my butt off across industries only to end up heartbroken and penniless at 29 (hello, Saturn Return). 

But that early grit and passion eventually came back when I became the Co-founder and CEO of Silou— London’s premier athleisure brand. In under 4 years, we grew to become an international success, cultivating meaningful brand partnerships with Selfridges, Equinox, Soul Cycle and Moda Operandi. We’ve been featured across Vogue, The Telegraph, Marie Claire and more. And most importantly, we built and grew an empowered community of women nicknamed the on Instagram with #WomenofSilou.

Throughout my whole career, I’ve learned how to reinvent myself to stay true to the times and my own evolution. To keep orienting back to my truth, I’ve had to dig deep within myself, understand the language of my body and really cultivate a deep trust in my intuition. 

Most recently with the global pandemic, I embarked on the most courageous pivot of my life: I invested in my own business and my desire for location independence. 

In under one year, my online membership platform The Self Care Space has taken off and grown organically into a passive income stream that supports my lifestyle...and this lifestyle is unashamedly full of luxury and self-care! 

Through this journey, I’ve realised how financial and creative freedom are the ultimate forms of self care for women. When we take responsibility for our desires and step boldly into the world to make them happen, we become fully (and consciously) ALIVE. In the process of creating a business, we are asked to heal ourselves, go beyond our limiting beliefs, and trust in a greater power. 

As the world radically changes before our eyes, we now have the ultimate opportunity to step fully into our light— and guiding women to do this has become my greatest honour. 


+ 15 Years in Business, Startups + Entrepreneurship
+ 7 Years in Holistic Healing + Therapy 
+ Host of the Consciously Alive Podcast 
+ Creator of The Self Care Space 
+ Co Founder Silou London
+ Successfully sold 1 global company 
+ Bachelor of International Business and Japanese 
+ Over 600HR of Yoga teacher trainings
+ 200HR Somatic Movement Therapy

I absolutely loved the dreams workshop. It helped me get clear on my core values, and also goals for the future. I am looking back at my workshop book from July, and I have already achieved so much It is a wonderful blueprint which helps big dreams and goals start to feel do-able and manageable and helps you get clear on what it is your want to invite into your life. - Abbie

The dreams workshop enabled me to get crystal clear on what my core values are. Since then, I’ve made aligned decisions with ease and taken huge steps to make my goals a reality. I reflected on my notes last week and I’ve already achieved one of my ‘dreams’ that I didn’t anticipate coming into fruition for another 8 months! Would highly recommend. X Helen

That was so powerful Phoebe, I've never known two hours to go so fast! I'm actually very emotional after that but in a good way, it's like a relief that I know that I'm right to listen to my intuition and what is calling me. I'll be finishing up my workbook tomorrow but for now I will sit with my night time tea and contemplate what an amazing adventure I'm about to embark on. Thank you! -

Angharad, Wales.

Thank you so much for this workshop - it was amazing. I feel more motivated than ever to take the next steps to creating the future I want. -

Jess, London.

Hi Phoebe,
I just wanted to say thank you for the very inspirational masterclass about building the roadmap to create your dreams. I couldn't watch it live  December so I downloaded and watched the replay. It has certainly given me a big impulse to move forward and I will definitely use your templates to work on my values, goals, baby steps etc... I've since moved to Spain last October and started to renovate a country house near the Costa Brava which is already a major step towards my dream life. Just so that you know I met you personally in London during a Yin Yoga class in HeartCore Fulham last year.  After listening to your masterclass I feel motivation and peace with myself and I know I will find the energy to organise my life and work on my goals.
Thank you and all the best to you!

Celine, London.

Are you ready to plan out the best year yet?

Dream Life Workshop by Phoebe Greenacre

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